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Making peace with conflict.
Compassionate Accountability®

“Compassion energizes us to co-create. Compassion
doesn’t mean letting someone off the hook, feeling sorry
for them, or loving them into good behavior. Compassion balances caring, concern, empathy, and transparency
with boundaries, goals, aspirations, and standards.”

Dr. Nate Regier, Conflict Without Casualties.

Leading Out of Drama Cycle

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD) provides groups and individuals with easy to apply tools and a common language for navigating conflict without energy zapping drama. When the energy of conflict is used in creative ways we can harness that energy into productive relationships and solutions.

Learn how to approach conflict with compassion and experience the benefits of effective communication with leadership training programs designed for you.

"Before discovering Next-Element's Leading Out of Drama®, I was inconsistent in the way I approached conflict. Shifting my view of conflict has given me a new perspective. I realize conflict is a necessary part of life because without it there would be no change. We have a choice to either use the energy of conflict to create drama and negativity or we can allow the energy of conflict to help us grow.
Michyl-Shannon Quilty, Leading Out of Drama® Provider.

Let's Discover the Right Training Pathway for You!


Build a culture of Compassionate Accountability® in your organization with customized LOD programs.


On average, employees around the world spend about 2.1 hours per week, or over one day per month, dealing with workplace conflict in some way.


How might you spend an extra two hours a week?


The key to healthy conflict is learning how to struggle with one another rather then struggling against one another. 


LOD tranforms conflict into positive progress toward becoming a faith community centered in love.



What if we saw conflict in our faith community as an opportunity for positive change?



Positive conflict skills are a foundational leadership competency.


LOD helps you transform the energy of conflict into meaningful contributions -- filled with compassion.


How can you create something better?

Michyl-Shannon Quilty is a licensed and certified independent LOD Provider of the Next Element Leading Out of Drama® system and all related materials, the proprietary rights to which are held by Next Element Consulting, LLC. The names Leading Out of Drama®, Compassionate Accountability® and Next Element® are registered trademarks in the United States and certain other jurisdictions and are used by express permission and this person, entity, or firm is otherwise. not associated with, nor owned, in whole or part, or controlled or managed by Next Element Consulting, LLC.

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