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Michyl-Shannon Quilty
Mediator | Arbitrator
Leading Out of Drama, Provider
Michyl-Shannon Quilty

Michyl-Shannon Quilty has 20+ years of  experience in conflict management and decision making

in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. Michyl-Shannon coordinated with producers on network television shows and blockbuster feature films –including three Oscar nominated movies. She has a Master's Degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, in Malibu, CA, and is a licensed provider of Next Element's Leading Out of Drama® system. While being direct, Michyl-Shannon remains steadfast in her empathetic nature in high pressure situations. Along with conflict management in professional and community environments, she has a background in assisting families.


Michyl-Shannon is a proud step-mother, raising her step-son with his mother and father. Her unfailing optimism helps people choose the best path toward resolution and transformation.


Melissa Bjørdal
Mediator | Arbitrator

conflict mitigation in both corporate and non-profit settings. Melissa spent many years as a project manager in the telecom sector coordinating internal and external teams in large scale network installations across the United States for customers that included Fortune 500 corporations and major league sports organizations. She expertly navigated different personalities and communication needs—from CEO to onsite technicians—to ensure the satisfaction of her customer base. 


During her time in the non-profit world, Melissa wore a variety of hats, from, bookkeeping to vendor management, and enjoyed her time working with the Executive Director and clinical staff to optimize processes throughout the organization. 


Melissa has been married to her husband Ståle—originally from Norway—for 25 years and enjoys traveling across the globe with him. She also has two wonderful children through whom she has cultivated her positive outlook on life and the benefits of combining direct communication with warmth and kindness. 

Melissa Bjørdal

Melissa Bjørdal is an accomplished conflict manager with a 20+ year background in problem solving and

Rodrigo Orlandini
Mediator | Attorney

companies and governments in very complex national and international cases. Rodrigo’s extensive experience also includes working as a psychoanalyst. His expertise in law and psychoanalysis, in addition to an LLM in Conflict Resolution from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, makes Rodrigo an exceptional asset to groups and individuals. He has an in-depth understanding of complex situations and approaches conflict in a smart and pragmatic manner. Having traveled extensively, Rodrigo has learned about many cultures and belief systems. Relating to a myriad of people, he values our similarities and enjoys our differences.

Rodrigo Orlandini

Rodrigo Orlandini is an expert in conflict resolution with 20+ years as an attorney advising individuals,

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